Hologram Acoustics is run by Jack Caldwell, a passionate audiophile with more than 30 years in the audio business. After many years as a successful independent designer and consultant, he briefly worked as Manager of Engineering for the loudspeaker department at Audio Technica in the 80’s, only to find that most of the corporate world is a hard place for independent thinkers, so he “left it all behind”… for Jack with holistic audio speakersa time… but it’s difficult to permanently leave something you really love, so after a few years of day-dreaming new designs, he created some unique “cost no object” speakers, the H1 and H3 by Holistic Audio Arts, before turning his attention back to improving analog playback.

Jack holds a BSEE from the University of Texas, Austin, and has a keen passion for mechanical and audio-related invention.

He has extensive experience with test and measuring equipment, and created highly specialized test systems to evaluate the real-time qualities of turntables, tonearms and styli. With these tools, he analyzed dozens of different materials and designs for turntable platters, and discovered meaningful ways to improve their performance. This work led to the creation of the Vibro-Stop Platter Mat, which dramatically improves the LP to platter interface on most turntables so you can hear your LPs with much greater fidelity.



The UK franchise of Hologram Acoustics is run by Nicola Cruikshank.

Together with Jack she helped to develop our turntable accessory oil and cleaning kits: Seriously Slick oil kit and Highly Effective cleaning kit.