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Vibro-Stop Highly Effective Cleaning Kit



This highly convenient mini kit includes:

– 30ml+ “large drop” applicator bottle of Seriously Slick Oil

– 10ml applicator bottle with medium size applicator tip

– 1 ml slender syringe

– 3 x Fine tip applicator needles

– 5 x Industrial grade swab sticks

– A synthetic Chamois

Product Description

The Vibro-Stop Highly Effective Cleaning Kit

Designed to go along with our Vibro-Stop Seriously Slick Oil Kit, our HIGHLY EFFECTIVE CLEANING KIT offers a variety of useful tools to go along with our SpeedyFlash Cleaning Alcohol.


  • We have noted an improvement in sonics after using our oil. Maybe it’s just the benefit from using cleaner oil, but when it comes to oil, it just doesn’t seem to get any better than our Seriously Slick Oil.

  • But even the best oil can’t overcome the gunk and sludge that can accumulate in turntable bearings.

  • So, to help the process of cleaning and prepping the bearings, we have gathered together several highly useful cleaning tools, to be offered along with our high purity SpeedyFlash cleaning alcohol.



Why buy the kit instead of just our SpeedyFlash alcohol?

You can get the alcohol alone in our other listings, but getting our handy kit would be a major time-saver. To be sure, it can be frustrating and difficult to get the job done properly when faced with cleaning the sludge out of bearings, and suctioning and removing the old oils and residues from places that are hard to reach.

This is why we devised the HIGHLY EFFECTIVE CLEANING KIT – a mini-kit full of highly useful tools to help resolve this issue. Our convenient and clever little kits will save you a lot of time and money, and you will achieve much easier, faster and better results.


Here is what you get:

  • A full 30ml+ “large drop” applicator bottle, filled with our SpeedyFlash cleaning alcohol. This is potent stuff, a high purity alcohol that makes cleaning a snap, and yet is gentle enough to use on delicate plastic surfaces.

  • 10ml applicator bottle with medium drop size applicator tip: the built-in medium needle tip is very handy for directly applying large squirts of alcohol into turntable bearing wells or to ease the transfer of fluids into the graduated syringe for more critical situations requiring finer droplets, such as tonearm bearings or watch gears.

  • 5 industrial grade swab sticks. These are useful to help apply or clean and remove lubricants from areas that are otherwise hard to reach.

  • Slender syringe and fine-tip applicator needles: This is a must when trying to reach areas that are difficult to access. The slender form factor and long, fine needle tips help reach through small openings into areas of difficult access. Suctioning out the fluids is a snap!

  • A synthetic chamois which is perfect for application and removal of fluids from even the  most delicate of surfaces.

  • All the components come packaged in a compact, convenient see-through plastic presentation box which provides attractive, easy to find, dust free storage.


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