Vibro-stop platter Mat On SL1200Mk2
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Vibro-Stop Platter Mat for Technics

£39.69 £33.39

This is an add-on you cannot afford to miss! Proven to reduce extraneous resonances by up to 25dB! Vibro-Stop platter mats radically enhance the quality of your listening experience.

Platter size: 287mm (11 3/8 inches) diameter and 3 mm thickness.


Product Description

Here is one of the greatest audio upgrades you will ever find!

If you own a turntable, then you really need

to hear what this can do for your sound!


This simple addition to your turntable will radically enhance the quality of your listening experience… it has been scientifically designed and tested for optimal performance, and the results really show in the sonics!

Later in this listing we will show you rigorous scientific measurements for it, but the real proof is in the added pleasure this will bring to your listening experience!


“All I can say is it was awesome, besides the better lower end the sound seemed much more alive. I just don’t know how to explain it, more detail, more lower end & more life – I’m well happy.” 

George S.- British Ex-pat in the Philippines


Q: What could be better than a great turntable for sound quality and reproduction?

A: A great turntable with a Vibro-Stop Platter Mat of course! 

If you have a turntable and want to get the best sound quality from it,  this inexpensive add-on really delivers! We confidently claim to have one of the very the best platter mats on the market, and if you look at our Science section, we’ll prove it!


Why do we say this? Because VSPM  delivers!

 ♫  – Improves the sound so much, even inexperienced listeners can tell the difference. From a real testimonial:

“My wife doesn’t really know much about audio,

but she readily heard and loved the difference

in quality after installing your platter mat.”

♫  – Unlike most of our competitors we provide scientific measurements to back up our claims…

double graphs

♫  – It is incredibly easy to use (only seconds and you’re good to go!)

♫  – Saves thousands! …. instead of buying more expensive turntable models costing you £1000’s, you can have the equivalent in sound quality for a fraction of the price. Yes, seriously.

♫  – Works really, really well with almost any model or brand of turntable.

♫  – This glossy black mat radically improves the appearance of most turntables – it is surprising to see how much better most ‘tables look with the VSPM. 


♫  – Sonically this platter mat improves everything: better lows, tremendous heft, slam and impact, mids and highs, much more dynamic contrast, much deeper wider and holographic imaging, much more retrieval of inner detail. It helps bring nearly any “good mid-fi” turntable to a level that competes strongly with much more expensive Audiophile decks…And it takes many Audiophile tables into the super-deck ranges! Again, yes, seriously!



Here are some testimonials from our eBay feedback:

  • “I cannot over state how great of a deal this was. Thank you! Awesome product!”

  • “Great product. Does even more than the seller says. A great tweak.”

  • “Extremely pleased. Improved detail, imaging, bass, and frequency response. A++++”

  • “Best t.t. I’ve ever had. Great seller, great packing, A+++seller, answered e-mails.”

Simply put, this is a very, very BIG upgrade in sonics and usability for both Audiophiles and DJ’s.


PLEASE NOTE: For Technics SL1200 please check out our SL1200 double platter listing, as we recommend using a Double Thickness of the VSPM (two VSPMs back to back). It makes the SL1200 magnitudes better!

For more information about Vibro-Stop Platter mats, check out our more detailed product pages with information on what you get, the science, and optimization tweaks:








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