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Positive feedback rating  “Great upgrade, I just stepped into the reference level. Thank you kindly!!!”

Positive feedback rating  “Thank you for all your help and sharing your knowledge. Massive improvement A++”

Positive feedback rating  “This thing is AMAZING!!! transformed my deck. Super quick post too!!!! A*****

Positive feedback rating  “On my sondek/ittok/dynavector it sounds more detailed with more depth – AAA”

Positive feedback rating  “Great to deal with, fantastic item, this really works on my Pro-Ject TT thanks.”

Garrard 301 and Acoustical 2800 review

I have carefully tested the Mat on my Garrard 301 / SME M2 12R /SPU 90th Anniversary, and also on Acoustical 2800 / SME 3012-1 / SPU Gold. I can only say this thing is a little miracle ! The sound improvement is not spectacular, but it is clear audible…Read full testimonial.

Radovan T, Austria

Dual CS505 – Vibro-Stop review

“What is this witchcraft? Hold it to your ear and it has resonance but put it on the platter and the quiet passages and lead ins are practically silent, sibilance on vocals has all but gone. The whole performance is very stable and in place and ALL over play and smear has disappeared. I tried using Susan VegaRead full testimonial.

Graham, Edinburgh UK

The performance improvement is amazing

“I have the vibro stop running on a mid range B S R Turntable which is fitted to an early 1970s music centre. The performance improvement is amazing the audio quality is much more stable and almost rumble free considering this record deck is over 40 years old the vibro stop is money well spent. Thank you.”

Duncan Hutson, UK

Garrard 401 review

“A big thank you. The vibro stop double platter mats are astonishing! I am a Garrard 401 owner of 25 years and have used various upgrades which have propelled it into the top end of turntables so I was sceptical about how much difference your upgrade could make. I fitted it yesterday and spent a while resetting my vertical tracking. The results are truly astounding.! I cured the famous rumble years ago but I never appreciated how much interference I was getting from the transmission of motor vibrations into the pick up.”…Read full testimonial.

Phil Ward, UK

I wouldn’t be without your Platter Mat now.

It really has made all the difference…

well-tempered-amadeus“The Nad is around the £360 mark with upgrades and was sounding remarkably competent for the money. I was thinking the mat wouldn’t make that much difference with the acrylic platter but it has.

Everything is just better. Solid sounding and easy to follow bass lines. Open 3D imaging, sharp and focused highs. The turntable sounds very happy and much more expensive than it is.”…Read full testimonial.

Andrew Field, UK

The 2m Bronze and VSPM combo, it was just awesome. 

Clear almost like being LIVE! 

“What  I did notice almost straight after trying the 2m Blue against the 2m Bronze with the VSPM below, was that the improvement whilst using the 2m Blue was as big a leap in clarity/quality with the blue as it was upgrading from a 2m Blue to a 2m bronze with standard mats, impressive.

I’ve fired everything at the mats from Soft melodies to house and disco, Sinatra to Coldplay, Donna Summer to Eagles and ALL have been improved. Vocals and instruments. The only time I wasn’t too sure of any improvement was when…”Read full testimonial.

Harry Devine, UK

I would recommend the product to anyone, regardless

of equipment. (Vibro-stop Platter mat)

“I was pleasantly surprised by it’s performance, which did indeed go beyond what I was experiencing with my previous set-up. The deck I’m currently running is a Pro-Ject Xpression III with stock acrylic platter, sitting atop a trio of isolation bearings which then sits above an air bladder. 

One of the weaknesses on this particular turntable is that the platter, while constructed from an acoustically sound material, is not properly sized to the playing surface of an LP. It extends to 300mm in diameter, which doesn’t fairly accommodate the groove-guard of a typical pressing.

One of the first things I noticed and appreciated in the design was that it is sized, at 287mm, to fit just inside of the groove-guard, giving you and effective and stable…”

Read full testimonial.

Benjamin Marsh, US

This thing is AMAZING!!! Transformed my deck.

…Dark Side Of The Moon was next, and the Vibro Stop did not disappoint. The spoken voices that punctuate the LP all the way through were actually understandable and came through a bit more into the mix. Stereo separation is enhanced. Pink Floyd loved to put layers of instrumentation on their records, and you can now differentiate the electric guitar from the electric piano. The whole sonic spectrum seemed to widen, this mat is extraordinary!!Read full testimonial.

Gary Player, UK

What a fantastic platter this is! My 1200 sounds amazing.


“This is a fantastic platter. How come haven’t I come across this before? I have spend too much $$$ on those cork mats and the original 1200 rubber mat and no sonic results I was looking for were there with those mats. My 1200 sounds like the way an audiophile wants it to sound. It totally eliminated the noise it was making on low passages and now listening to records have become a pleasure. Midrange, low end, tight bass, channel separation…. Everything is there. Thank you for bringing this to the masses who care about sound quality.”

Jaime G, New York, USA

☯  “All I can say is it was awesome, besides the better lower end the sound seemed much more alive. I just don’t know how to explain it, more detail, more lower end & more life – I’m well happy.” 

George S.- British Ex-pat in the Philippines

☯  “Extremely pleased. Improved detail, imaging, bass, and frequency response. A++++”

fafnir111 – ebay buyer 

☯  “Massive upgrade (new system) like so much bought for my son.”

roy-young – ebay buyer

 “Best t.t. I’ve ever had. Great seller, great packing, A+++seller, answered e-mails”

4515garyk53 – ebay buyer

 “Awesome PM! Cheapest upgrade to my Turntable A+++”

Kevinj1962 – ebay customer

 “Great price and great product. Thanks!”

Designvs – ebay customer

 “I can not over state how great of a deal this was. Thank you! Awesome product!”

Mistakes*and*regrets – ebay buyer

☯  “My wife doesn’t really know much about audio, but she readily heard and loved the difference in quality after installing your platter mat.”

George S.- British Ex-pat in the Philippines

☯  “Great product. Does even more than the seller says. A great tweak.”

fafnir111 – ebay buyer 

☯  “Used this on a Stanton str8 150 played 3 on it and was pleasantly suprised.”

podgypipes – ebay buyer

☯  “Does make a big difference to the sound, much more CD like, but not in a bad way”

setterouge – ebay buyer