I wouldn’t be without your Platter Mat now. It really has made all the difference…

I have had time now to play around with VTA on the Nad C556. The mat is placed directly on the upgraded acrylic platter now. It has the Rega Bias 2 cartridge and mounted on a wall securely. The Nad is around the £360 mark with upgrades and was sounding remarkably competent for the money. I was thinking the mat wouldn’t make that much difference with the acrylic platter but it has. Everything is just better. Solid sounding and easy to follow bass lines. Open 3D imaging, sharp and focused highs. The turntable sounds very happy and much more expensive than it is.

Nad C556 with Vibro-Stop Platter Mat

Nad C556 with Vibro-Stop Platter Mat

The Well Tempered Amadeus has responded in a similar way. It was already stunning to listen to but now it’s in a different league. Again I thought the mat wouldn’t make too much difference because of the amount of research and development Well Tempered put into their turntables. I wouldn’t be without your Platter Mat now. It really has made all the difference to both of my turntables. To me the best and most cost effective upgrade a turntable can have. Brilliant!!!! Thank you.


Well Tempered Amadeus with Vibro-Stop Platter Mat


I know this may sound a little unorthodox but I have sorted the vta issues on the Amadeus using the mat as the platter. On 180g vinyl I have set the vta and the mat sits directly on the platter. Perfect. For older thinner records I’m using a 1mm sub platter isolating mat I use with the Nad / Rega between the platter and the mat. It’s about the size of a record label and it raises the record up enough for the vta to be right with them too. I’m a happy bunny. Sounds great! 

It doesn’t seem to compromise the sound at all. On the Nad I use the sub platter mats 1mm and 2mm on the sub platter as intended raising and lowering the platter to compensate for different thicknesses of records. Vta is correct again. Makes a lot of difference getting it right. 

Andrew Field, UK