Dual CS505 – Vibro-Stop review

“What is this witchcraft? Hold it to your ear and it has resonance but put it on the platter and the quiet passages and lead ins are practically silent, sibilance on vocals has all but gone. The whole performance is very stable and in place and ALL over play and smear has disappeared. I tried using Susan Vega, Cracking as a test track, first with the Dual CS505 original rubber mat then your wondrous piece of plastic.

Everything is so much clearer, subtle percussion is now very evident. Now perhaps if your hifi set up is really top notch and hi end you already have a great sound and cant improve on it but I for one would recommend this accessory for any deck under £1000. Then again if you have that much money try the £27 and see. I also use a record clamp which is a good addition too. Many thanks.”

Graham, Edinburgh UK