The 2m Bronze and VSPM combo, it was just awesome. Clear almost like being LIVE!

Harry Devine TestimonialI’ve spent many hours with various albums etc on essentially the same kit…..Technics SL150 Mk2, SME 3009 S2 improved (fixed headshell) with Shure M75ED cartridge and Jico stylus. VTA adjustable of course with the SME. Connected to – Technics SU-V7 Playing through custom rebuilt Wharfedale E70’s, all equipment mounted within a Blok Direct HiFi stand. (On one occasion I coupled up a pair of Monitor Audio Bronze floor standers with notable results too so it wasn’t just the E70s that were helping)


VSPM on Technics SL150Mk2

I also tried the VSPM (single layer) with a Technics SL1210 mk2 (totally standard and mint) with an Ortofon 2m Bronze as well as a SL1200 Mk2 (standard/mint) with Ortofon 2M Blue.


VSPM on Technics SL1210Mk2 (left)     and    VSPM on Technics SL1200Mk2 (right)

What  I did notice almost straight after trying the 2m Blue against the 2m Bronze with the VSPM below, was that the improvement whilst using the 2m Blue was as big a leap in clarity/quality with the blue as it was upgrading from a 2m Blue to a 2m bronze with standard mats, impressive.

I’ve fired everything at the mats from Soft melodies to house and disco, Sinatra to Coldplay, Donna Summer to Eagles and ALL have been improved. Vocals and instruments. The only time I wasn’t too sure of any improvement was when using headphones and these varied between BOSE and Sennheiser but I was neither surprised nor disappointed by that.

The last track played was from the Eagles album “One Of These Nights” and the track – “Journey Of the Sorcerer.”,

I won’t even try to describe the clarity with the 2m Bronze and VSPM combo, it was just awesome. Clear almost like being LIVE! (Worth getting that album just for demos!!!!! – never had an Eagles album before and I’m not even into rock)


VSPM on Technics SL-Q2

All that asides, I did play with the VSPM on a Technics SL-Q2 with a EPC207C cart and the improvement there was also positively noticeable, despite that turntable’s performance normally. So it would seem that the mat is capable of improving the playback quality on quite a wide range of equipment.

Oh, I also used a record puck/weight on most samples for commonality reasons.

If I had to choose the best combination from the above, it would have to be in this order:

1) SL150Mk2/SME/Shure/Jico

2) SL1210Mk2/Ortofon 2m Bronze

3) SL1200Mk2/Ortofon 2m Blue

4) SL-Q2/EPC-207C

That’s my honest opinion and before you ask, yes, I’m still very happy with the VSPM!!!!!!!!!


Harry Devine, UK