Garrard 401 review

Garrard 401 with Vibro-Stop Platter Mat

A big thank you. The vibro stop double platter mats are astonishing! I am a Garrard 401 owner of 25 years and have used various upgrades which have propelled it into the top end of turntables so I was sceptical about how much difference your upgrade could make. I fitted it yesterday and spent a while resetting my vertical tracking. The results are truly astounding.! I cured the famous rumble years ago but I never appreciated how much interference I was getting from the transmission of motor vibrations into the pick up.

Vibro-Stop Platter Mat on Garrard 401

The 401 has always delivered great presence of sound and a truly musical reproduction, but now the soundstage is vast, with all instruments and vocals in pinpoint clarity and position. The sound is lifted higher and has much more “air” around it and the nuances of vocals and instruments are revealed in a way I have never heard before. It is as though a veil has been lifted from the music. I have 2 audiophile brothers, I will be recommending this product to both!

Phil Ward, UK