Technical Details



Here’s HOW the Vibro-Stop Platter Mat WORKS:

  1. To get the best of the superior audio quality available from LP’s, we have to reduce or remove any unwanted vibrations at the surface of the LP. Any spurious vibration produced at the surface of the LP is amplified by thousands of times.

    We have created a superior solution to suppress these unwanted vibrations… Yes, it’s the Vibro-Stop Platter Mat!

  2. The action of the stylus on the record surface creates mechanical propagation waves in the material of the LP. These waves must be quickly dissipated or they will create many time-delayed reflections and “ghost images” which will make their way back to the stylus and create resonances, muddiness and colorations.  Also, any intense air-borne or mechanically conducted vibrations through the turntable body can create spurious resonances on the LP surface.

  1. All platter mats interact with both the LP and the platter; wherever the surface hardness is different, the waves that are traveling through the material of the mat will bounce on the discontinuity and create reflected waves back to the surface of the LP. The coefficient of absorption of each material, and the hardness of each, along with the platter mass, greatly affects the amount of energy that is reflected. Most platter mats do a very poor job of absorbing and dissipating these resonances and create very ragged LP surface frequency response.

  1. The material in the Vibro-Stop Platter Mat is a special grade and thickness of thermo-plastic specifically selected to have similar surface hardness or “mechanical impedance” to vinyl. The LP sits directly on the mat, and the added mass of the mat helps to reduce and drain away vibrating energy from the LP surface. 
    Our VSPM mat greatly reduces the unwanted vibrations that are caused by changes in the surface hardness between the LP and the mat or platter. It is a major help in keeping unwanted reflected waves and record surface vibrations from getting into your stylus and tonearm.

  1. We found that for Technics, Denon, Rega, Sony, Dual and Linn-Sondek turntables (and most other brands as well) there is an optimum hardness, thickness and mass that is needed: too much or too little and you lose performance. We’ve got the goldilocks formula dialed in: it’s very near optimal, and it shows in superior measurements and audibly better results.

  1. Depending on your turntable, the VSPM can even reduce the transmission of spurious vibrations into the tone-arm! It reduces the “singing tonearm” syndrome so much that it can make even a humble little tonearm sound like something much more expensive. Along with sounding MUCH better than felt slip-mats, this is also a HUGE benefit for DJ’s as it also helps cut down on skipping even at lower tracking forces.

  1. Our platter mat corrects the biggest weakness to be found in many Direct Drive turntables from Technics, Denon, Sony, etc: the platters and mats! The platters, usually made from “Zamak” alloy have metallic colorations that impart a somewhat edgy and harsh midrange to the music… and the factory-supplied rubber platter mats don’t help, instead adding a coloration which also makes it sound dull – edgy, harsh AND muddy/dull…. not a great combination!

  1. In contrast, Vibro-Stop Platter Mat reduces almost all of these colorations, and greatly helps with nearly all platters, whether direct drive or belt-drive platters. V.S.P.M. is deliberately sized to be smaller than the LP, and fits inside the raised outer ring found on some turntables. Example: most mats are too big for the Technics range, ours will fits perfectly – on the great majority of turntables, Technics or other brands. This mat system has another advantage: a milled recess for the record label. Result? LP surface sits flush on the VSPM for optimal resonance dampening.

  1. Vibro-Stop Platter Mat GREATLY improves almost any turntable! It works its magic especially well with direct drive units from Technics, Sony, Yamaha, JVC and Denon, and equally well with most belt-drive units including Rega, VPI or Linn-Sondek.

  2. Rotel with Vibro-Stop Platter MatPlatter size: 287mm (11 3/8 inches) diameter, and 3 mm thickness.


PLEASE NOTE: For Technics SL1200 we recommend using a Double Thickness of the VSPM (two VSPMs back to back). It makes the SL1200 magnitudes better!




Place Vibro-Stop Platter Mat (VSPM) directly on the platter OR on top of the rubber mat, and check to see which sounds cleaner or clearer to you. The one with the least “stylus/tonearm” singing is likely the best sounding combination, but DO compare with listening tests. We usually find that having VSPM directly on the platter is the one that sounds best. (On the Technics SL1200 use TWO of the VSPM placed back to back).

For Audiophiles we recommend the use of a clamp or “puck” style record label weight with the VSPM, so as to maximize the sonic benefits.


This last bit is for those of you who enjoy even more intricate details about optimizing your turntables….


More about the “Singing Tonearm” syndrome…

Have you ever noticed that you can hear the stylus playing on the record when you have the amps turned all the way down? Do this experiment: play an LP with lots of loud, dynamic music (loud and horns & drums type) and get your ear next to the stylus: note if you can easily follow the music, and note if it is clear or muddled. That’s the “singing stylus/cartridge and singing headshell/tonearm” effect. Now, go listen near the base of the tonearm, and especially on less expensive units, you may notice an equally loud or sometimes even louder “tonearm singing”.

Then use the Vibro-stop Platter Mats (VSPM) and you will likely notice a dramatic reduction in “stylus singing” and also “tonearm singing”, accompanied by much greater clarity – instead of hearing a muddied jumble it will sound much cleaner – even at the tonearm!- and what sounds clearer on the ‘arm will definitely sound clearer at your speakers!

Compare the VSPM to the rubber mat and the bare metal platters and listen for which combination shows the clearest sound with the least “tonearm singing”, and then crank up the volume to compare with listening tests, and you’ll almost surely hear big differences.

It works because to a very great degree the VSPM drains away most of the parasitic vibrations that would otherwise excite the stylus, cartridge and arm, and because it has a much smoother frequency response at the LP surface than the rubber mat alone.


Radically cuts down on Skipping!

Can even improve Tracking!

For DJ’s VSPM can help to radically cut down on skipping, even at lower tracking forces. It’s even better for audiophiles: many of them say the tonearms are a weak point on most mid-priced ‘tables, and they are right, but the VSPM makes the arms sound MUCH better than before. When there are less parasitic vibrations to excite them, many of these tonearms can sound really good, and some become excellent!

And the phono stylus, faced with a much “quieter” groove, often tracks better and at lower forces than preciously possible!

It’s hard to believe how such an inexpensive platter mat can so positively impact the sound of your whole turntable and audio system, but this one does, in a very big way!

Again, this is a very, very big upgrade in sonics and usability for Audiophiles and DJ’s.


For more information about Vibro-Stop Platter Mats, check out our Vibro-Stop Platter Mat, Scientific Proof, and F.A.Q pages: