The Scientific Proof

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Our products are designed, developed and TESTED by a “genius golden-ear” type inventor with a BSEE and over 30 years in audio. We have extensively tested our Vibro-Stop platter mats with custom-built vibration actuators and measurement systems.  

And we also tested many, many competitors’ mats, including felt, leather, glass, cork, cork + ground rubber, laminated and “constrained layer” mats, sorbothane, wood, acrylic, special rubber “audiophile mats” loaded with tungsten, metal mats, foamed plastic mats, and so on. The results? Almost none are any better than the regular rubber mats – (Warning! Many are actually worse!) and those that do help even a tiny bit are priced well above £50/$80USD.

We wonder why they don’t publish test results! You should wonder too…


In contrast, our platter mats are scientifically designed and tested. Yes, actual SCIENCE and published measurements instead of puffery and big words.


Vibro-Stop is by FAR the best-measuring Platter Mat of all those we tested. (Also the best sounding, but that’s for you to hear!)


Vibro-Stop vs. Rega Felt Mat 

or Rega Glass Platter

Vibro-Stop Platter Mat vs. Rega Glatter Platter and Felt Mat

The Vibro-Stop Platter Mat clearly outperforms both the Rega Glass platter, and the Rega supplied Felt mat + Glass Platter. The green Vibro-stop line shows up to 25-30dB improvement over the Rega supplied felt mat, as well as a substantial improvement over the naked glass mat. These measurements clearly show the outstanding resonance suppression properties of the Vibro-Stop Platter Mat.


Vibro-Stop vs. Technics Rubber Mat

Vibro-Stop vs Technics Rubber Platter Mat graph

The above graph shows the radical improvement the Vibro-Stop offers over even the highly regarded Technics “audiophile version” of their heavy rubber mat, both tested on an SL1200 turntable. As can be seen on the graph, Vibro-Stop (in blue) provides more than +10dB of added suppression of unwanted LP surface resonances over the Technics mat (in red). When compared against regular rubber mats the improvement gets to be over +25dB !!



Vibro-Stop vs. Standard Platter Mats

Vibro-Stop vs Standard Platter Mats graph

The actual  frequency response of the LP surface can also count for a lot. A flatter response will sound much more neutral.

The red line shows a “regular platter & mat” combination. Note the severe peaks and dips: +7dB peak at 341Hz followed by a -16dB dip at 360Hz !! – this 23dB swing creates a HUGE level of coloration!!

In contrast the Vibro-Stop Platter Mat (in BLACK) shows a very uniform, flat and controlled response of about +/- 2dB throughout the critical 160 to 700Hz rangethis is precisely where most of the music (especially vocals) actually lives!

On these frequency response graphs, flatter is better, much flatter is much better… all of which shows the VSPM is much, MUCH better!

When you factor in the additional 20+dB of resonance suppression with the VSPM,  you’ve gotta believe this makes for very audible differences !


To repeat what George said:

“All I can say is it was awesome, besides the better 

lower end the sound seemed much more alive.

I just don’t know how else to explain it, more detail,

more lower end & more life – I’m well happy.”

 George.S – British Ex-pat, Philippines.


For more information, please be sure to check out our Vibro-stop Platters page, and our Technical details page: